Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Title: "Granite Rock / Whitefish Lake" 5"x7" acrylic on canvas. I've been guiding fishermen
for over twenty years on Whitefish Lake. Granite Rock is one of my favourite fishing holes on this lake.
There's a creek that comes in on the left hand side and washes down food to hungry bass and walleyes.
I like to stop here, shut down the outboard motor and just listen to the sound of the running water and the wind in the spruce trees.
I posted of photo of Granite Rock...can you see the creek?

Status: Available
Price: $85.00 includes my "Gitche Gumee / Songs From the Lake music CD and free shipping anywhere in Canada and the USA.
Don't live in Canada or the USA?...no problem, just email me for a shipping quote which isn't that much more!

Birch Trees

 Birch trees clinging to a
Rocky shore
Seem brave
And unafraid of a future
That has no tomorrow
Existing in an endless day
In this natural world
Filled with only a moment
To be cherished forever

Don Charbonneau

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