Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've been painting every day since the middle of January and mainly focusing on paintings with a theme related to my "A Fishing Guide's Diary of Paintings blog. A lot of these works are being painted from memory of places where I have been fishing on my guided trips.

I've been also working on another project off and on for the last couple of years and have painted four paintings to add to this exhibition that hopefully I will have ready sometime in the next year. The subject deals with the transition of the human soul as it passes from one life to the next. Some of the the paintings have messages attached to the back in the form of a poem or short story and some have another painting on the back of the canvas ...some have both. This particular painting has both.


with each breath
that we take
with each moment
that we are alive
with every act of kindness
with every tender word softly
whispered to another human being
with every gentle step that we take
on the face of our Mother Earth
we are a witness to the act
of creation
It ceases at the moment of
our transition
the trick is not to remember
the good deeds
but to understand that they
affect everything
in this life
and the next.

Title: 8x10" mixed media on canvas  and paper.
Status: Available

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