Friday, March 9, 2012

Title: "Transition" 8x10" acrylic on canvas. The spirit of this moose will now travel to another life using the  canoe to journey to it's new destination.

No trace do I leave
of my passage through time
on my journey
to the mystic isle
using this fragile craft
to carry me
 to my destiny.

Mystic Isle lyrics ~ Riding the Rails in Paradise cd

Status: Available
Price: $225.00 includes frame and shipping.

Here is what Irene Cavalier from B.C. has to say on my facebook page about this painting:This painting has such simple genius. The gentle sleep of the dead moose, the perfection of the red canoe and the subtle and gentle colors of the land that cradles and circles this silent moment in some time that has passed or in a moment that will happen. ah. yes.

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