Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Katherine Cove Highway 17 near Wawa Ontario Canada
(65 kilometres east of Wawa Ontario~ Tran-Canada Hwy. 17

                               Plein Air Today

 My part of Northern Ontario warmed up today to a balmy 11 degrees.(that would be in the low 60's-a heat wave for us living here in Northern Canada. I loaded paint, canvas, peanut butter and honey and banana sandwiches, a thermos of coffee and headed down old highway 17 on the Lake Superior coastline. It was an amazing day, a bright warm sun in a powder blue sky, and a gentle southwest breeze blowing on shore.
After working in my studio most of the winter it took me a while to get my bearings with what was happening outdoors. I just closed my eyes for a few minutes enjoying the peace and tranquility I always experience when working outdoors.
 The colours seem to find their place on the canvas on their own. I just have to remind myself that the biggest challenge in creating a good painting is getting my head out of the way and just let the stuff get on board!
I ended with 6 small paintings on this trip and will post them in the next couple of days.

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