Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today I started working on a large canvas 40"x24"...it's part of a series I started back in February. So far I have 12 small pieces and seven larger pieces (including today's). I haven't posted any of this work yet and still thinking about a title for this series. Each piece is a mosaic and full of little parts that have to be painted over in layers. Sometimes the colour changes which keeps the piece interesting to the very end!
Whenever I'm working on these mosaic pieces I normally start a couple of other small landscape...here is one I completed tonight.

Title: "Three Islands / Lake Superior" 5x7" acrylic on canvas.
 This little painting has a lot of soft end of day colours. Anywhere you place this painting it draws the eye and emits a peaceful vibration! Lake Superior has the most incredible coastline to view, photograph and paint. I'm also starting to use less paint and actually use some of the raw canvas for highlights!

Status: This paintings is available.
Price: $85.00 includes shipping.

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